GPG 1.40a renameing errors

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Hello Group;

I have found a problem with the new version of GPG. I can duplicate
it every time I change the trustDB.

I have reverted back to " GPG 1.25 ", and do not have this renameing
error. I also notice that in the latest version I will loose the file
" pubring.bak ", even if I copy the file " pubring.gpg to pubring.bak
". the new version does however have a file called " pubring.tmp ".

I will try to be real specific in what I did to get this error so you
may check it out for yourself.

In GPGshell:

Launch keys, highlight a key that you want to change the trust value
on. Then go into edit, and change, or add a value. When you exit
GPG will automatically adjust the trustDB. You should get a error.

Export a keypair that do this to make sure you have a backup.

Then delete the pair from you keyring. Go into the trust menue, and
chose update. This will remove the entry from your trust database.

Then import the keypair back into you keyring. Go into edit and asign
a trust value. GPG will automatically adjust the database when you
exit. You should see a error.

Back up your TrustDB. Go into Windows and delete the file "

Then go into GPGshell and import ythe back up copy. You should get a

I hope this will help you out. I am going back to "GPG 1.25" untill
their is a fix for the new version. Eithe from " nullify, or GnuPG "
, or until someone shows me what I am doing wrong.

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