current charset guessing

Alain Bench xwck at
Mon Jan 3 01:26:57 CET 2005


    I try to use GnuPG 1.4 on an old Linux libc5 without CODESET in
nl_langinfo(). GnuPG defaults to iso-8859-1 whatever locale. As I use
various locales, I'd need a way to guess current charset. Libiconv 1.9.2
can guess using libcharset:locale_charset(), when empty {from,to}code.
But setting « charset "" » in gpg.conf still gives iso-8859-1.

    Is there a way to guess current charset when CODESET lacks?

    BTW looking at util/strgutil.c:set_native_charset(), there is a pair
of wrong charset aliasing, at least when iconv is available:

 - On Win32 the name for Latin-1 is not CP1252, but CP28591.
 - Latin-9 is not Latin-1.

Bye!	Alain.
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