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Pawel Shajdo zwon at
Tue Jan 4 23:03:21 CET 2005

On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 06:55:50AM -0800, Adam Cormany wrote:
> I've installed GPG 1.2.1 onto AIX 4.3.3. I also have
> GPG 1.4.0 installed on a Windows NT 4.0 workstation.
> My goal is to encrypt a file on the AIX box and
> decrypt the file on the Windows box. I would prefer to
> not have to enter the passphrase on the Windows box if
this is not good idea
> possible to try to automate the process of decryption.
> I have done the following:
> On AIX:
> 1) Installed GPG
> 2) gpg --gen-key, created my key-pair with 1024 bit
> DSA and ElGamal, with a passphrase.
> 3) gpg --output key.out --export
 --export is export only public key. for decryption you need secret.
 use --export-secret-keys
> 4) Created an ASCII test file named "testfile"
> 5) gpg --recipient "Adam Cormany" --output test.out
> --sign --armor --yes --no-version --comment "Created
> by Adam on `date`" --encrypt testfile
> 6) FTP'd key.out (in binary) and test.out (in ASCII)
> to Windows box.
better use floppy

   Pawel I. Shajdo

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