gpg version 1.40a on w2kp and winxp

Frank Hubeny FHubeny at
Thu Jan 13 13:08:49 CET 2005

Werner Wrote:

On Wed, 12 Jan 2005 15:29:24 -0500, Frank Hubeny said:

> I hope that I am not just missing something here.  But I have been
> getting a renameing error with the latest version of gpg for windows.
> have tried on three separate pc's running W2KP, and Win XP.

We have several such reports but not yet figured out the problem.
Frankly I have not yet replicated it as there are other tasks as well.

> I have not seen anyone else post this problem.  It must be hard to
> a OS that you all may not even use.  Is there a debug feature that I

I have a Laptop running W2000 close to my keyboard and use this one
for testing.  Debugging is not a problem as gdb runs fine on that

My Response:

Thank you I thought I was going nuts.  If this helps out.  I run Windows
2000 Pro with service pack 4, and Win XP has I believe service pack 1a.

I was perhaps unclear about the debugging.  Is there a debug feature
that I may use on my PC to help ?  If so I would be glad to do so.

Thanks again for your response !


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