auto sign files

Mark Ivs markivs2003 at
Sun Jan 16 06:11:24 CET 2005

I have the following line in my perl script that signs
and encrypt files.

'gpg --recipient "XXX" --output $rootpath\\$filepgp
--sign --encrypt $rootpath\\encrypted\\$datafile`

When I run the perl script from command prompt it asks
me to enter the passphrase. When I enter the
passphrase it signs and finally encrypts the files.
That's all good.

The problem is I need to run my perl script as a batch
file through Windows NT scheduled task, which is
scheduled to run few times a day. That means I cannot
manually type the passphrase everytime. So, I was
wondering if there is a way to enter the passphrase in
the above gpg command itself. Or is there any other
solution to this problem? I believe others must have
ran into this issue before, since it looks like a
common problem.

As always thank you soo much in advance. I am new to
this group and this is one of the BEST group!


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