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stefan wrote:
> Hello List,
> I'am trying to get the gnupg running on ubuntu Linux. I want to use
> Evolution as mail client.
>  I have a PGP key that I had imported from PGP 8.03 to gnupg. And I
> can't encrypt or sign I got the message that the secure key is missing
> but when I have a look with "gpg --list-keys"  all seems to be okay.
> What is wrong??

cd to directory where your PGP keyring files are located:

	gpg --import secring.skr
	gpg --import pubring.pkr

then for each key /pair/, ('gpg --list-secret-keys' should have some
output now.) you'll need to set the key pair to Ulimate trust, this is
analogous to PGP's 'Implicit Trust' Setting:

	gpg --edit-key 0xDecafBad trust
	5	<-- '5' for ultimate
	y	<-- 'y'es REALLY do it
	save	<-- save chnages and exit
> I tried gpa , but the gui comes up with the question if I want to create
> a key or not and then the gui stand complitily still.
> It seems that my imported key is not the default key. But I set it over
> the bash "gpg --default-key name" but here I get the possibility to
> write text. I can't see that my selected key is default.

default-key is best set in your gpg.conf file. Ditto comment, keyserver,
keyserver-options, default-recipient-self, /permanent/ encrypt-to
settings, etc...

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