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Carlo Luciano Bianco clbianco at
Tue Jan 18 13:22:00 CET 2005

Il /12 gen 2005/, *Werner Koch* ha scritto:

> Frankly, I don't want to distribute a separate ZIP file once the
> installer is ready.

Are you sure? I think it can be useful, anyway...

> The current installer is 879k whereas the ZIP file is ~1.6M.  The LZMA
> compressor of NSIS is pretty neat.  I tried adding the iconv.dll
> but this one doesn't compress that well, so we will just give a hint
> to install it or download it from the installer.

And what about distributing a .7z ( file instead of a .zip one? 
The LZMA 7z archive with all 1.4.0a distribution *and* iconv.dll is 1.2MB, 
i.e. much less than the zip archive without iconv.dll. And the 1.4.0a 
distribution alone is compressed in 765KB. The sfx stub is less that 70KB.

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