Gnupg with ThunderBird

Erwan David erwan at
Wed Jan 19 15:21:19 CET 2005

Le 19.01.2005 14:06, Shaun Lipscombe a écrit:
> * John Clizbe wrote:
>>You may want to take a look at
>>Perhaps you could help us localize the site to Portugese?
> Had never heard of enigmail but its now being used in place of PGP 8.0.2
> thanks to your post.  We use Thunderbird but so far there has been a
> manual process between extracting attachments and decrypting them since
> there is only plugin support with this product for Outlook etc. Now we
> have fully functional OpenPGP support directly from within Thunderbird
> and it's easier for our users to use. Wohoo. :-)

Alas, gnupg is not usable under windows on a multi-user machine. It
cannot handle one keyring per user, but has a global keyring... (or may
be it is no more the case with gnupg 1.4 ?)


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