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Erwan David wrote:
> Alas, gnupg is not usable under windows on a multi-user machine. It
> cannot handle one keyring per user, but has a global keyring... (or may
> be it is no more the case with gnupg 1.4 ?)

GnuPG is PERFECTLY usable on a multi-user Windows machine, as long as
'multi-user' is limited to WinNT, Win2000, & WinXP - 'multi-user' on
Win9x/ME was after-market bolt-on chrome.

It depends on how it is installed and configured. Storing GnuPG's programs
and keyrings in the DOS-inspired C:\GnuPG is indeed not shareable on a
multi-user machine. But that is a flaw committed by the installing person,
not the GnuPG software.

Take a look at for a guide on
installing GnuPG in a multi-user manner on a Windows machine: Programs
located under %ProgramFiles% and user preferences and keyrings in
%APPDATA%\GnuPG. It is even possible to create a global registry setting
to default HomeDir for all users. Advanced configs are quite possible with
user's keyrings stored on a network share.

This has been my experience since I began using GnuPG with 1.2.1. Nothing
in this regard is new in 1.4 - it's been there all along.

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