Gpg and batch

Kiefer, Sascha sk at
Thu Jan 20 22:46:16 CET 2005


I know it is possible to do something like this:

Step 1: Save parameters to a file i.e. "" 
Key-Type: DSA
Key-Length: 1024
Subkey-Type: ELG-E
Subkey-Length: 1024
Name-Real: Joe Tester
Name-Comment: this is a test
Name-Email: joe at
Expire-Date: 0
Passphrase: abcdefg

Step 2: From the command prompt issue the following:
gpg --batch --key-gen

Is this possible for every gpg command?
If yes, where can i find a list of those parameters like "Key-Type",
"Key-Length", "Passphrase" and so on?

Thanks for any help.

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