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Jason Barnett wrote:
> Adam Cripps wrote:
>> I currently have one keypair and I use this on two machines - my
>> secure personal machine, owned by me, and a laptop owned by my
>> employer. When I use my key on my employer's machine,  I store my
>> private key on my usb storage device.
>> Adam
> Thank you for this tip.  Now I need to go find my local GLUG and ask 
> them what filesystem format to use on the USB... I currently am using 
> Windows machines, but next time I get a new computer at home (which will 
> be relatively soon) I'm not even going to bother with MS anymore.  At 
> least not more than I have to.  :-/

FAT/VFAT would be the most flexible format for the USB device. I use a FAT
formatted PCMCIA card for key and X.509 cert storage.

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