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Hello Johan, 

Thanks for your response.  I'm interested to read that PGP2 can use RSA as
well as IDEA.  The people at the other end of this project are saying
(without too much conviction) that they can ONLY use IDEA. 

I cannot rebuild GnuPG on VMS as I don't have a C compiler and don't have
the time at present to install Gnu C. 


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David Gray wrote:

>I was under the impression that PGP could use alternate algorithms?

pgp 2.6.3i uses only IDEA and RSA. However, there exist pgp 2 versions that
support other algorithms. Such a version is pgp263iamulti-06. Because the
author died in a tragical accident I'm not sure if it can be easily found on
the net, but I can mail it to you if you like.

That said, there exist an IDEA extension module for GnuPG which solves the
problem too. If you can compile that module on your system, or recompile
GnuPG with idea.c copied into the cipher/ directory, it will work with
pgp 2.6.3i encrypted messages and vice versa.

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