GnuPG ME: How do we use the --keyring GnuPG option via GnuPG ME?

mconahan at mconahan at
Tue Jan 25 17:59:04 CET 2005

I could see that your solution would work for an app with a single 
process, but I need to avoid process collision in my application.  In 
short, I am using GPGME, and each process must have its own "--keyring" 
and "--secret-keyring".  

I'm playing with the idea of modifying the GPGME source, or have my 
application use GPGME where supported (and use GnuPG directly 
otherwise...ugh).  ...I'm hoping that GPGME will support me on what I 
need to do.


John Clizbe wrote:

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>mconahan at wrote:
>>Hi everyone,
>>    I was wondering if anyone had a clue on how to access the --keyring 
>>GnuPG option via GnuPG ME?
>Include it in gpg.conf? From my Win2k development box:
>	no-default-keyring
>	keyring		pubring.gpg
>	secret-keyring	O:\GnuPG\secring.gpg
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