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Hi Mark, 

Thanks for the clarification even if it's not good news.  I guess the only
thing I can get them to do is upgrade to a newer version of PGP or use a
modified version.  


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Hello David,

On Tuesday, January 25, 2005, 12:50:23 PM, David wrote:
> Thanks for your response. I'm interested to read that PGP2 can use
> RSA as well as IDEA.

Well, RSA is the asymmetrical cipher that PGP2 uses, IDEA is the
symmetrical one. Doing a "normal" encryption, both are used: RSA for
encrypting the symmetrical IDEA-key (which is used to encrypt the
actual message).
So you can't encrypt a message using RSA only. (Theoretically it's
possible of course, but PGP won't do that - IIRC).

> The people at the other end of this project are saying (without too
> much conviction) that they can ONLY use IDEA.

They are right, as long as they are not using a (earlier by others
mentioned) modified Version of PGP.

Mark Kirchner

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