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lord grinny grinny3004 at
Tue Jan 25 15:45:41 CET 2005

John Clizbe wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> lord grinny wrote:
>>>I don't think GPG is at fault here.  Please type
>>>in a command prompt:
>>I tried this, but my DNS is definitly set up okee.
>>C:\Documents and
>>*** Can't find server name for address
>>Non-existent domain
>>*** Default servers are not available
>>Server:  UnKnown
>>Non-authoritative answer:
>> is my gateway (A windows 98 box serving
>>a router)
> That response to nslookup tells me your DNS setup is
NOT ok. You could be
> getting a DNS resolver timeout causing the lookup to
> The D-Link 604-e is wonderfully dodgy at doing DNS
forwarding - at least
> that my experience with ours.
> Try this to see if it's DNS that's the problem: list in
> your hosts file (%winDir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
on Win2k, /etc/hosts
> on *nix):
> See if your problem 'resolves' itself. You'll need
to flush the name cache
> on Windows after changing the hosts file (ipconfig
> Check your router, see
http://, and setup
> your Windows box(es) to use the DNS servers your
broadband provider
> supplies to the router in the DHCP setup.  I'd
suggest some, but I don't
> know who's your ISP. Just setup your Windows box to
use a static address
> on 192.168.0/24, netmask, gateway, and whatever
> DNS servers your ISP says to use.
I'm sorry, I don't think I have explained it
correctly. My normal box (just 
called 'Grinny') is connected to the win98 router. The
win98 is a normal pc 
setup with Internet Connection Sharing so it acts as
gateway and as DHCP server. 
The win98 box is called 'mentor5'. 'Mentor5' routes
all incoming connections to 
the wireless pci card that's connected to a free
wireless network that spans the 
entire city ( So I don't
actually have an ISP, I 
internet for free :-). So 'mentor5' gets it's IP
address from a local wireless 
node that's connected (wireless) to the proxy server,
that also seems to run the 
DNS server for the entire network (When connection to
the proxy is lost, I can't 
ping the local node by it's name, only by its ip).

I did what you asked me, and put the line in 'hosts'
and ran 'ipconfig 
/flushdns', but the result is exactly the same.
Allthough it does complain about 
  not knowing the name for, it does answer
my question and gives me 
the _correct_ ip address of the server. If I do a ping
to the same server, it 
fails because the proxy server won't allow pings to
the internet, but it does 
resolve the ip address correctly. Do you really think
this could still be a DNS 
problem, would I then still be able to browse the
internet with my browser? By 
the way do you know how I can tell 'Grinny' that the
name for, is 
'mentor5'? It does know that 'mentor5' is

Thanks for all your help, I know you must be getting
tired of it (I know I am), 
but one day I'll get it to work, this is personal now.

- Grinny -

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programmers write in BASIC 
after reaching puberty.

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