Are all the UIDs on a key supposed to be equal?

Erwan David erwan at
Wed Jan 26 07:40:01 CET 2005

Le Tue 25/01/2005, Adam Funk disait
> Are all the user-ids (combinations of name, e-mail address and comment) 
> equal, or can one be the "primary" one?
> I started to generate a new key because the old has several obsolete 
> e-mail addresses in the UIDs.  I gave my "main" e-mail address and 
> comment in response to the "gpg --gen-key" prompts, then used "gpg 
> --edit-key" to add UIDs.  When I then listed the key, they were out of 
> order.  I had been under the impression (maybe it was just coincidence 
> with my previous key) that the first UID is the main one.

You can also revoke uids on your key; which indicates juste a change
of address, but you keep being the same person. If you look at my key
(0xF7001FC7 on public servers), you see it bears following Ids:

gpg: using classic trust model
pub   1024D/F7001FC7 1998-12-14
uid                  Erwan David <erwan at>
uid       [ revoked] Erwan David <Erwan.David at>
uid       [ revoked] Erwan David <Erwan.David at>
uid       [ revoked] Erwan David (Adresse Perso) <Erwan.David at>
sub   2048g/016C3D2F 1998-12-14


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