Johan Wevers johanw at vulcan.xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 27 12:02:39 CET 2005

Werner Koch wrote:

>> Does that mean GnuPG will drop support as well? As I understand it, IDEA
>No.  Unless you use --openpgp.

Then how do I compile it in exactly?

>libgcrypt features a generic mechanism to load and unload new

How does this work when I want to add IDEA?

>so after the expiration of the patent you may do that.

Oh well, I treat software patents the same as copyright on mucic CD's:
I completely ignore them. Besides, for personal use I'm allowed to use
it anyway.

>However I doubt why you still want a cipher using 64 bit blocks at
>that time.

Technical issues aremn't the point, compatibility with pgp 2.x is.

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