Windows (WinPT etc.)

Timo Schulz twoaday at
Mon Jul 11 11:51:57 CEST 2005

Alphax wrote:

> I've got (I don't remember where from). I was under the
> impression that the sourceforge version was no longer being maintained.

That's right. The site of WinPT is currently not actively
maintained. To download WinPT, please use

> > How come the GnuPT version doesn't hack the Explorer menu?
> > Is that a bug?  Is there something else I was supposed 
> > to download to add that functionality?
> > 
> GnuPT? Huh? Haven't heard of that one...

IMHO GnuPT is just the name of the installer which combines all
the GPG relevant applications.

> I also was confused about this. However, WinPT is extraordinarily slow
> for me to use - it caches the entire keyring when it loads/anything
> changes, and with 700 keys it becomes unusable (actually, I gave up when

I actually changed the caching scheme in the current CVs version. The
next version (0.9.93) will be much faster with larger keyrings.


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