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Christopher C. Stacy wrote:
> On, I find a "Windows Privacy Tools" 
> aka "WinPT" project; this seems to be the one that Timo maintains.
> (That is, it seems to be the "official" WinPT.)
> The latest released version is 0.9.11.
> There is also 1.0rc2 (2nd release candidate).

I've got (I don't remember where from). I was under the
impression that the sourceforge version was no longer being maintained.

> On, I find what seems to be the official GPG home page.
> This includes a link to WinPT, but it points to a third place.
> The third place is, which is a German web site.
> The suggested download is "gnupt-int.exe".
> This seems to be the same file as 
> "gnupt-"
> (although I'm not sure where I found the file under that name).
> As best as I can tell, this "gnupt" is a conglomerate package
> containing GPG 1.4.1, WinPT 0.9.92, and GPGRelay 0.959.

I already had GPG, and wasn't interested in GPGRelay. I wondered where I
got that from :)

> At some point, I installed WinPT (from SourceForge), 
> and this gave me a Windows Explorer context menu.  
> It mostly worked, but there are some bugs that will 
> crash Windows Explorer.  These bugs have been reported 
> (not very completely) by other people on SourceForge.

Obviously I didn't get the entire package then...

> However, when I install GnuPT instead,
> I do not get any Explorer menu items.
> How come the GnuPT version doesn't hack the Explorer menu?
> Is that a bug?  Is there something else I was supposed 
> to download to add that functionality?

GnuPT? Huh? Haven't heard of that one...

> Hmmm, on the EQUIPMENTE site, I found something called "GPGee"
> which provides the Windows Explorer functionality; it seems to work.
> Well, that worked.  So maybe I'm done.
> But I'm still slightly confused about what I've downloaded.
> But what's going on here?  How does WinPT 0.9.11 relate to 0.9.92
> and to 1.0rc2?  Why doesn't point to
> Am I looking at competing forks of WinPT?  Politics?
> On the SourceForge page, Fabian Rodriguez says that was 
> managing the WinPT project, but that he needs a replacement.
> And what's EQUIPMENTE?  (It's all in German, so I have no idea
> what I'm looking at there.  I was very brave in downloading!)
> How are all these projects related to each other?

I also was confused about this. However, WinPT is extraordinarily slow
for me to use - it caches the entire keyring when it loads/anything
changes, and with 700 keys it becomes unusable (actually, I gave up when
my keyring hit 400).

I would suggest checking out GPGShell from - it appears to handle things in
a reasonable manner, and has reasonable clipboard support.

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