gnupg keyrings // question / request

vedaal at vedaal at
Tue Jul 19 22:50:55 CEST 2005

i keep the keyrings on a usb drive,
but keep my home directory as the root directory

if i connect the drive, 
and then type 'gpg'
this is what happens:

gpg: keyring `c:/gnupg\secring.gpg' created
gpg: Go ahead and type your message ...

is there a way to tell gnupg that the keyrings are not in the home 
directory, and to look for them in their alternative location ?

something like:

gpg: secring not found in home directory
gpg: is there another location? y/n  y
gpg: go ahead and type location of secring.gpg

(right now, i just copy them in and over-write the 

(also, tiny really minor point:
the gnupg error message for the windows binary 
should have the '\'  not the '/'  )



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