can't use the same keyring from linux on windows

coco coco coconut_to_go at
Wed Jul 20 07:12:12 CEST 2005


I've been using thunderbird on Linux since 0.2 on my laptop, but recently, 
due to
laptop problem, I want to move my mail to use portable thunderbird on a
mobile hd.

I've already moved my profile from Linux to the portable tb, and it's 
working fine,

except, I can't get enigmail to work correctly. I've copied my pubring and 
into the gpg folder, and the key manager can show all keys correctly, 
my key pairs and other people's public keys. Enigmail can figure out my key 
ID from
my email address. But I'm still having problem getting enigmail to work 
When I'm trying to send a signed message, I'm getting the following error 
the enigmail console:

enigmail> G:\PortableThunderbird\gpg\gpg.exe --charset utf8 --batch --no-tty 
status-fd 2 --comment 'Using GnuPG with Thunderbird -
' -s -b -t -a -u 0xA41D9118undefined
gpg: skipped "0xA41D9118undefined": malformed user id
gpg: signing failed: malformed user id
enigmail.js: Enigmail.encryptMessageEnd: Error in command execution

I don't understand why I'm getting this. Is it because my key rings are from
Linux, and I'm using it on Windows? Curiously, I can't get gpg to work 
on the command line either. I try to encrypt a file to myself, and then when 
try to decrypt, it's complaining that the secret key is not available.

Could anyone give a hint on what does that mean?

The GPG packaged with portable thunderbird is version 1.4.1.

Thanks a lot.

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