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SeidlS at wrote:
> I have a couple questions around the maintenance/clean up of gnuPG key
> rings.
> 1) We have gnuPG installed and used by 3 users on one Unix type server.
> One of the 3 users was used for initial setup and testing of the gnuPG
> software and is no longer used.  Is it possible to remove the key, and key
> ring from this user?  Is it as simple as deleting the .gnupg directory
> under that users home directory?

That'll do it

> 2)Is it possible to remove keys from the key ring if they are no longer
> used?  Example: a key was imported for use a year ago, but is no longer
> used for encryption/decryption.  Is there a way to remove it?

gpg --delete-key 0xDecafBad

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