[outlgpg] Questions on installing and using with Outlook 2003.

Timo Schulz twoaday at gmx.net
Sat Jul 30 11:18:15 CEST 2005

Patrick Dickey wrote:

> into the Windows\system32 directory.  When I tried to do regsvr, I had
> to move the gpgexch.dll file to the Windows\System32 folder also.

What Windows version do you use? I've never seen that this step is 
needed and I tested it on 98 and XP.

What is the error or why do you think you have to copy it to this
place also?

> Now, I have the tabs in Outlook, but it doesn't work as expected...

What does this exactly means?

>     My questions are these...   1)  When I did the regsvr, should I
> have did regsvr32.exe "C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Outlook" (where I
> originally put the gpgexch.dll file), or was I correct in moving the

gpgexch.dll can be stored at any place. regsvr32 stores the path of
the current directory in the registry for you.

> 2)  How do I configure Outlook to use the gpg program?  I have my GPG
> keys and the binaries in "C:\Program Files\GNU\GnuPG\"  but, I'm not

If you enabled 'GPGExch' in the Outlook Extension dialog, you just
need to click on the new tabbed pane 'GnuPG' and set the gpg binary.

> and when I run the keymanager, I get a cmd box that says "gpg-- Go
> ahead and type your message."  Also, I don't have any new buttons in

Currently only WinPT is supported for key management. Just enter the
WinPT path plus --keymanager. Example "c:\winpt\winpt.exe --keymanager".

> If/when I find out the answers to my problems, I can create a .rtf
> file or htm file that walks you through it, if the interest is there.

The plugin is currently in a beta stadium. When we release the first
stable version, it will contain more documentation how to use and to
install it.

Anyway I guess it's also a good idea to provide some more details for
the beta version right now.

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