How to set word wrap in GPG ?

Patrick Brunschwig patrick at
Sun Jun 5 19:03:42 CEST 2005

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gpg.20.subu at wrote:
> Many a time I get bad signatures when I have long lines sticking out
> in the quoted text. This may just a coincidence, but I presently think
> otherwise. So I wish to be clear about the wrapping issue
> The way I look at it is
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Step 1 - The message is signed as is (without wrapping), by enigmail
> + GPG
> Step 2 - then My Mozilla mailer wraps it - at 72 chars (or whatever
> ...) which means some spaces may be added / words may be broken etc

This should not happen. Enigmail wraps the text and then signs it -- at
least if you didn't ignore the warning messages (they only appear 3 times).

> - and if steps 1 and 2 are sequential there is a chance that I'll get
> bad sigs on my posts

Maybe you should disable composition of HTML messages by default, then
this won't happen (Tools > Account Settings > Composition & Addressing).

- -Patrick
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