Passphrase Encoding and Entropy

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At 00:39 2005-06-06, you wrote:
 >If I'm not misinformed the passphrase can be encoded using different
 >character sets. Can I in gpg change witch one is used, or does it depend
 >on witch operating system I use? How does it affect the way you calculate
 >entropy if a character is encoded using 16 or 24 bits (as some characters
 >are in UTF-8) or as a 8-bit character, if at all?
 >Also, let's say it is known that the characters in a passphrase has been
 >selected from the 64 ASCII characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, # and $. This will
 >give each character an entropy of 6 bits (log2(64)), witch if I understand
 >correctly means that 6 of the 8 bits used to represent the character are
 >unknown. But can you in real life tell witch six, for example for the
 >character A, witch in binary is 01000001? The first zero will of course be
 >known, but is there a second known digit?
I suggest that you use , and . instead of # and $. Otherwise the characters
are found on completely other places at a US keybord.
Per Tunedal

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