How to delete key w/ duplicate id?

Skip Montanaro skip at
Sat Jun 18 00:17:44 CEST 2005

I recently installed GnuPG on my Mac laptop, not realizing it was apparently
installed at some previous time.  After the install I generated a new key
but gave the same id as an earlier key.  My keyring now has three keys:

    % gpg --list-keys
    pub   1024D/D0AA36FE 2001-03-30
    uid                  Skip Montanaro <skip at>
    sub   1024g/88676B77 2001-03-30

    pub   1024D/B805F237 2000-04-04
    uid                  Neil Schemenauer <nas at>
    uid                  Neil A. Schemenauer <nas at>
    sub   1536g/90A32543 2000-04-04

    pub   1024D/A5F59887 2005-06-11
    uid                  Skip Montanaro <skip at>
    sub   2048g/B2FD262D 2005-06-11

Note that the first and last keys have the same uid.  Everything I've tried
always selects the first item.  How can I select and delete the last item?


Skip Montanaro
skip at

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