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Tenui wrote:
> Greetings,
> I posted this yesterday morning but it seems to have gone missing in
> cyber space, so let's try again.
> I have installed the Debian MinGW environment to cross-compile gpg for
> Windows. My first attempt, with 1.4.1rc2, seemed to compile without
> problems, but when transferred to a Windows box I found there was no
> bzip2 capability included.
> I am using Libra Net 2.8.1. I have the bzip2 and libbzip2 .deb packages
> installed, so what else could be missing, or is there some configuration
> option I must include in or

BZIP2 support isn't standard in Win32, so MinGW won't have an import
library for it. Ditto ICONV and ZLIB. You can get the deveopment library
files in the -lib packages available at SourceForge's GnuWin32 project.
You'll need the DDLs frmo the -bin archives to be installed on the Windows
system along with your GnuPG binaries.

Since your User-Agent string is showing Mozilla on Windows 2000, why not
build GnuPG directly on your windows platform and avoid the cross-compile

GnuPG configures and builds out-of-the-box under current MinGW/Msys
distributions. The binaries and development packages (-bin & -lib) for
bzip2, iconv and zlib are also needed from the GnuWin32 project at
SourceForge. The MinGW site also has a GnuPG porting file with build
script and handy patches.

Building the GnuPG software from cvs requires a few more packages and a
bit more tweaking.

You can write me offlist if you need a bit more assistance with this.


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