construction of mutually clearsigned contracts // can't get it to work ; -(((

vedaal at vedaal at
Fri Mar 4 00:45:04 CET 2005

a few months ago, on,
David Shaw came up with a really innovative way to combine 
of a text that was separately clearsigned by different people at 
different times, 
and reconstruct it into one clearsigned text with the combined 
signatures, verifiable for each signer


the OP in the thread confirmed that it worked

i have been trying the same steps in cygwin with gnupg 1.4
but can't get it to work  ;-(

it breaks down at this step:

cat file1.temp file2.temp | gpg --output files.joined --enarmor

cygwin just does the cat part, but not the gnupg part

is the 'pipe' a problem in cygwin that requires a different syntax 
than the line above,

or can the reconstruction be done only in linux/*nix ?



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