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DVM d1v2m76 at telusplanet.net
Fri Mar 4 03:02:07 CET 2005

Here are your instructions for the two scetions where I feel the install
has gone wrong.

Installation on Windows NT/2000/XP

   1. Modify the Path
      In order for GnuPG to work correctly, the GnuPG installation
directory must be in your PATH.
          * To modify the path, Click on Start --> Control Panel -->
System --> Advanced --> Environment Variables
          * Highlight the Path variable under System variables, and
click Edit.  >>>There is no path in the entry list??  Do I have to
create a path and then enter the information below, or should there be a
path already listed in the list??<<<
          * Add ;C:\Program Files\GnuPG to the end of the Path.

Finishing the installation
GnuPG Configuration

    * You need to create the GnuPG configuration file to control how you
wish GnuPG to work.
      Go to your "HomeDir"??? >>>Would this be the Home directory in the
Documentsandsettings folder or the home install directory??<<<  and
create a new text file called gpg.conf

My questions are surrounded with the ">>> <<<"  any help will be welcome.

Thank you from  DVM

Ps This is my first time

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