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On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 10:45:45AM -0500, Michael Avila wrote:

> Thanks to a couple of people here, I now have an HTML and PHP script interface
> to create a key. I was looking at installing my own keyserver but have decided
> that sending the key to a public keyserver would be better for many reasons.
> Now I am trying to find a PHP script that will send the key to
> and/or Does anyone know of an existing PHP
> script that I couldmodify to met the needs of this company? I appreciate any
> help, suggestions, comments on sending a key to a keyserver.

I recommend emailing them to two or more keyservers.  Email is queued
and will work even if a particular keyserver is unreachable via HKP at
the exact moment you try to submit a key to it.  If you want
confirmation of the add, use a subject of "ADD" and email the key to one
or more pks servers.  If you don't want confirmation, use a subject of
"INCREMENTAL" and email the key to one or more pks/onak/OpenPKSD/SKS

To start, email ASCII-armored keyblocks to pgp-public-keys AT with a subject of ADD and a From: address
that will reach you.  Then, ask for permission to email other
keyservers (and their sync. addresses) on the pgp-keyserver-folk
mailing list: (backup list)  (currently broken)

NB:  By emailing keys, you can also make them available on

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