David Shaw dshaw at
Thu Mar 10 03:07:13 CET 2005

On Wed, Mar 09, 2005 at 04:43:18PM -0600, David T Kerns wrote:
> I've searched the FAQ and mailing list (albeit not exhaustively) but don't
> find much info on setting up a keyserver.
> I've set up a keyserver inside the corporate firewall and am hoping to have
> that one system share keys with a public server.
> My thoughts are I only have to configure one system to barrel through the
> firewall rather than every user on every server in my network.
> Certainly I'm not the first one to encounter this. Can anyone point me to
> some documentation?

It depends on what kind of keyserver you have set up.  If it's the
OpenLDAP sort, then they don't sync with other servers (except in the
LDAP sense of sync - and there aren't any public servers that sync
that way).  If it's SKS or PKS, then you can sync via email.

Your best bet is to subscribe to the pgp-keyserver-folk list at:

Nearly every operator of a public keyserver is a member, and you can
get all the information you need there.


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