disgest-algo question

Terry Soucy x-phile at cryptophiles.net
Tue Mar 15 14:29:03 CET 2005

Hi All,

I have added an RSA subkey to my key so that I can sign messages with the 
SHA256 Algo.  I have made sure that my version of gpg supports SHA256.  My 
problem comes when I add digest-algo sha256 to my gpg.conf file, my kgpg 
doesn't display any keys, and my mailer (kmail) complains that no keys are 
available for signing.  Once I comment out the digest-algo line, everything 
works fine as before.  Am I missing something, or maybe my distro (suse 9.2) 
tossed out support for higher hash algorithms?


Terry Soucy <x-phile at cryptophiles.net>
Key fingerprint = DD46 C49C 6352 C7B0 15EE  5024 6851 22FF 1A79 1AD5
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