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> Does anybody know the most up to date URL pages on where Phil
> Zimmerman is and what he is doing?  Evidently, everything I am
> trying is the wrong to way to go about it in search engines.
> I did see the page where he embedded his phone number in the
> text, and wondered if that one is the most current one (which
> alas, I did not bookmark).

I wrote the query but was curious why you posted my query but not
Werner's reply.  Here is what Werner gave me:


I won't give the rest because all of it is on the web page.  I hope
he is doing well.  Most of you cannot remember what it was like in
the old days.  Most encryption books cost near $100. Even though I
was working with some encryption code professionally at the time,
when I tried to purchase the books, I couldn't get them.  If they
were classified as munitions, you could not buy them.  Phil went
through a lot to open things up in the United States,

Shalom back at you Werner

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