Source for winptee, winfpse, or gpgsx

Anonymous void at fake.invalid
Thu Mar 17 21:22:23 CET 2005

winptee: This is a collection of gpg utilities, unfortunatly the explorer 
extentions (context menu) do not appear to be open source.

winfpse: This is just the name for winPT's explorer extentions (context 

gpgsx: This is open source (GPL) and is witten in delphi, but unfortunately 
the page is gone and the wayback machine did not cache the source. You might 
be able to reach the author at  stievie at
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From: "Kurt Fitzner" <kfitzner at>
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Sent: Thursday, March 17, 2005 1:37 AM
Subject: Source for winptee, winfpse, or gpgsx

>I apoligize that this is slightly off topic for this mailing list, but I
> am at my wit's end.
> I am looking for the source code - any source code old or new - for
> winptee, winfpse, or gpgsx.  Those are all Windows shell extension
> projects that add context menu support for GnuPG in windows.  I've
> looked all over.  I can find binaries in various locations, but no
> source anywhere.
> If anyone has or knows of where I can download said source, I would
> really appreciate the information.
> Thanks in advance,
> Kurt. 

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