GPGee - GPG Explorer Extension (context menu) front end

Kurt Fitzner kfitzner at
Mon Mar 21 23:18:45 CET 2005

I've written a new Windows explorer extension front end for gpg.  I know
that Timo has winfpse, and somewhere out there is gpgsx.  But as I've
never been able to find gpgsx nor get winfpse to work, I figured I'd
take a stab at it.  I've always wanted an excuse to write an Explorer
extension anyways. :) Oh, and it's released under the GPL of course.

The program is called "GPGee" (GPG Explorer Extension).  Say that ginal
"Gee" just like you'd say "Golly Gee Wiz". :)

Right now it signs, encrypts (public and symmetric), or both.  No verify
yet.  This was more a proof-of-concept version than anything final, but
it does have a couple useful features:
- Installer - no registering or manual installation needed.
- Will sign and/or encrypt multiple files at once.  Just select multiple
files in Explorer, and right-click on them all.
- A single unified window that has all the settings for all operations.
 Picking "Sign" from the menu sets the defaults, but you're not limited
to signing, you can still change to encryption.  Ever pick the wrong
setting from a right-click context menu?  Well, now you can just roll
with it.

Source and installer are available from:

Thanks goes to the GPGME team and Timo Shulz for his "MyGPGME" version,
which is what I used for the back-end communication to GPG.  In case
anyone ever has wanted to use Borland's C++ Builder to write GPG front
ends/plugins/etc, I ported Timo's MyGPGME to compile on C++ Builder.
The source for GPGee has that with it.
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