GPGee - GPG Explorer Extension (context menu) front end

Kiefer, Sascha sk at
Mon Mar 21 23:34:37 CET 2005

It would be nice to have a control to select the keyring location.
I keep my keys on a memory stick, so i'm not able to use your tool!


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> I've written a new Windows explorer extension front end for 
> gpg.  I know that Timo has winfpse, and somewhere out there 
> is gpgsx.  But as I've never been able to find gpgsx nor get 
> winfpse to work, I figured I'd take a stab at it.  I've 
> always wanted an excuse to write an Explorer extension 
> anyways. :) Oh, and it's released under the GPL of course.
> The program is called "GPGee" (GPG Explorer Extension).  Say 
> that ginal "Gee" just like you'd say "Golly Gee Wiz". :)
> Right now it signs, encrypts (public and symmetric), or both. 
>  No verify yet.  This was more a proof-of-concept version 
> than anything final, but it does have a couple useful features:
> - Installer - no registering or manual installation needed.
> - Will sign and/or encrypt multiple files at once.  Just 
> select multiple files in Explorer, and right-click on them all.
> - A single unified window that has all the settings for all 
> operations.  Picking "Sign" from the menu sets the defaults, 
> but you're not limited to signing, you can still change to 
> encryption.  Ever pick the wrong setting from a right-click 
> context menu?  Well, now you can just roll with it.
> Source and installer are available from: 

Thanks goes to the GPGME team and Timo Shulz for his "MyGPGME" version,
which is what I used for the back-end communication to GPG.  In case anyone
ever has wanted to use Borland's C++ Builder to write GPG front
ends/plugins/etc, I ported Timo's MyGPGME to compile on C++ Builder. The
source for GPGee has that with it.

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