gpg-2-go + winpt + usb drive // do-able

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Wed Mar 23 16:38:26 CET 2005

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>Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 12:51:09 -1000
>From: Maxine Brandt <torduninja at>
>Subject: Re: gpg-2-go  +  winpt  +  usb drive   //   do-able !

>On Tuesday 22 March 2005 08:54, vedaal at wrote:
>> as winpt does not need any 'path' or registry entries in 
>> it can easily be set up on a usb drive to run with gpg-2-go,
>> without any installation into windows, and then run just by
>This seems incorrect, Vedaal.
>I installed WinPT on my USB drive with gpg2go, on w2k, and it 
>to work OK from the limited trial I gave it. But I ran a registry 
>and I found a whole heap of entries for WinPT, and some of them
>in areas of the registry where non-admin users have no rights.
>So I deleted all the registry entries to see what would happen, 
>the only thing WinPT did was stop my computer from closing down.

you are probably right ;-(

i tested it on a neutral public system [win2k pro], 
that (afaik), has never had gnupg or winpt before.

(not especially a 'spying' system, but also one with no rights for 
me to install anything)

gpg-2-go + winpt worked fine from the usb port, 
as described in the original post,

i had no rights to edit the registry,
so i couldn't see what things winpt added
just by double-clicking WinPT.exe

when you re-booted on your test system after you removed the 
registry winpt additions,

did winpt just 're-add' them and work again?

i guess it should *not* be used for the 'without-a-trace' needs 
that gpg-2-go can be used for,

but does allow for a portable gnupg with front-end
for those who want it for a public cafe setting,
and are not concerned with winpt registry traces on the host system

key-logger / screen capture issues still apply)


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