gpg-2-go + winpt + usb drive // do-able

Maxine Brandt torduninja at
Wed Mar 23 20:51:16 CET 2005

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On Wednesday 23 March 2005 05:38, vedaal at wrote:

> i tested it on a neutral public system [win2k pro],
> that (afaik), has never had gnupg or winpt before.
> (not especially a 'spying' system, but also one with no rights for
> me to install anything)
> gpg-2-go + winpt worked fine from the usb port,
> as described in the original post,
> i had no rights to edit the registry,
> so i couldn't see what things winpt added
> just by double-clicking WinPT.exe
> when you re-booted on your test system after you removed the
> registry winpt additions,
> did winpt just 're-add' them and work again?
> i guess it should *not* be used for the 'without-a-trace' needs
> that gpg-2-go can be used for,
> but does allow for a portable gnupg with front-end
> for those who want it for a public cafe setting,
> and are not concerned with winpt registry traces on the host system
Hi Vedaal,

I had some time to check this out more thoroughly last night on a w2k
box, and I found that what entries are put in the registry depend on the
privileges of the account, but in all cases there will be some registry

If you are on a Limited User or Guest account, these will be restricted
to HKEY_LOCAL_USER and HKEY_USER, and WinPT will work fine with

But here's the most interesting point: if you're using a Guest account
the registry entries are transient and you only have to reboot to get
rid of them. This would have to be verified on other flavors of Windows
of course.



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