could not check signature

Henk de Bruijn henkdebruijn at
Wed Mar 23 19:29:21 CET 2005


When I verified one of my own messages which had been signed pgp/mime
I got this errormessage:

gpg: Signature made 03/23/05 12:16:08 using DSA key ID DBE6E678
gpg: WARNING: signature digest conflict in message
gpg: Can't check signature: general error

I checked my messages of the last couple of days and this has happened
several times. Before this happened I have never seen this message???

Till now 1.4.1 worked like a charm.

The only thing I changed was from SHA1 to RIPEMD160.

Does this mean that I can not use PGP/MIME with RIPEMD160?

PGP 9.0.0 verified ok though..

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