Shouldn't keyservers store and provide subkeys?

Ethan Weinstein lists at
Thu Mar 24 23:57:52 CET 2005

Jonathan McDowell wrote:

>onak should handle all of these; if anyone has examples of keys that it
>doesn't deal with then please do let me know the details.
>I appreciate that [] is probably the
>only public keyserver running the code, but I do try to react to any
>bug reports I receive.
>It can be found at:
>which also has details of the arch repository.
I suppose I'll chime in here.  I'm finally going to trash PKS in the
coming days, sad but true.  I've been playing around with SKS recently,
and it seems fairly stable.  I'd forgotten about onak, I'll give it a
try as well.  I'll [obviously] let my sync partners know what I
eventually decide to do.


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