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Thu May 12 18:05:08 CEST 2005


This seems like a good description of Windows GUI for GnuPG.
If I was looking for a GUI this is the information I would like to have.
Could someone with access add it to the FAQ?
The question could be "Does GnuPG for windows have a GUI?", possibly
under the installation heading.


On Wed, May 11, 2005 at 06:50:20PM -0600, Kurt Fitzner wrote:
> gpg.20.subu at wrote:
> > which one of these
> > - GPGshell
> > - WinPT
> > - GPGee
> > 
> > is better for a starter with GPG 
> First of all, let's get some definitions down because it can become
> confusing.  WinPT is both an application and a group of tools.  The
> application, Windows Privacy Tray, sits in the Windows task tray and
> gives you a GnuPG interface from there.  The group of tools is the tray
> application bundled along with GnuPG itself.  This distinction will
> become important later... for now, though, when I say "WinPT" I mean the
> tray application, not the group of tools.
> Now, to answer your question:  GPG Shell is an ok program but not really
> designed for the GnuPG beginner.  What is does when you tell it to do
> something is start the GngPG command for you and then dump you into a
> command prompt with that GnuPG command running so you can finish it
> (answer any questions GnuPG has for you).  So, if you want to edit a
> key, it doesn't have a GUI mechanism to do so - it drops you into the
> GnuPG edit key command and you have to type all the key editing commands
> in. For a new person, WinPT will be easier to use.  It doesn't expose
> quite as much of the inner workings of GnuPG - there are some things you
> can't do with it, but what it does do is completely through a GUI.
> Now, as far as GPGee goes, it isn't intended as a "competitor" to WinPT,
> but more as a complement. WinPT is a tray application that gives you a
> key manager and lets you perform GPG operations on the clipboard and the
> current window.  GPGee isn't intended to do all that.  It is only a
> Windows explorer shell extension.  It adds GnuPG commands to the windows
> explorer right-click context menu.  So, if you want to simple sign,
> encrypt, or verify one or more files, GPGee makes that very easy.  There
> is no key management in it at all, so that would be something you would
> do through WinPT.
> The reason I made the distinction between the WinPT tray application and
> the WinPT group of tools, is that GPGee is going to become one of the
> tools included in WinPT.  Timo Schulz had a different shell extension
> (WinFPSE) that was included in the WinPT bundle, but he wants to focus
> more on the tray application, and I will focus on the explorer extension.
> Hopefully once GPGee is in the bundle things will become less confusing
> for the new people just looking for a good front end.
> 	Kurt.

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