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David D. Scribner dscribner at
Mon May 16 07:13:28 CEST 2005

Samuel ]slund [samuel at Update.UU.SE] wrote:
> Hi
> This seems like a good description of Windows GUI for GnuPG.
> If I was looking for a GUI this is the information I would like to have.
> Could someone with access add it to the FAQ?
> The question could be "Does GnuPG for windows have a GUI?", possibly
> under the installation heading.
> //Samuel

Hi Samuel!

There's actually a very broad list of GUI frontends, with hyperlinks to
the product's home page for the various OSes already posted on
<>. However, I
think that the mention of this would be good to include in the GnuPG FAQ
(something along the lines of "Are there GUI fontends for GnuPG?" perhaps),
and including a URL to point the reader to the Frontends page for further
information. I'll add this to my (LONG) overdue update to the FAQ. Thanks!

Even though the descriptions on the Frontends page are very minimal, it
would be very hard to keep it updated with broad or more complete
descriptions as the various products change regularly, adding or
enhancing their features, etc. It's best to let the project's home page
go into more detail about their own product, and mainly point the inquirer
to those pages instead.

If there are GUIs that are not listed that someone feels *should be*
listed, or other suggestions for the Frontends page, I'm sure the page
maintainer (Werner) would welcome them.

Thanks again for the suggestion to the FAQ!

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