[PGP-USERS] PGP Desktop Home - Cost of upgrade

Johan Wevers johanw at vulcan.xs4all.nl
Thu May 12 16:35:56 CEST 2005

Charly Avital wrote:

>I am a MacUser, I have used PGP since 1994 (version 2.6.x) for Macintosh 
>  Operating System 7.1, then different iterations of PGP for different 
>Mac operating systems, till the current PGP 9.x for Macintosh.

OK, Mac seems to be supported.

>I really don't know whether there is a PGP version for Linux,

Only 2.x, a buggy 5.0 that has a serious bug in the RNG and should not be
used, and I believe a 6.5.1 commandline version that I can't get to compile.

>I am sure there is a GnuPG version for Linux, in fact, more than one.

Of course. :-)

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