Help on Enigmail - Mozilla 1.7.7. with Win XPP

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Thu May 12 21:49:47 CEST 2005


Forgive my intrustion into your inbox. What's the correct place to ask
questions on Enigmail ? If it is here ....... I have the following


I'm totally new to GPG (I know the concepts behind PGP)

I use Win XPP + Mozilla 1.7.7. I've recently downloaded enigmail to use
with Mozilla - as I was advised that Enigmail has most functions for a
startup user

- Lets say I get a signed message - like the ones from this
"gnupg-users" list
- I click on the "pen" ICON (displayed by Mozilla) to check the
- I get a message "public key not found"
- I proceed to try and download the public key from one of the 4 servers
listed in Enigmail ~ I suppose defaults as of now in Enigmail
- I get either a *socket error* or a *key not found error*

- How do I proceed further ?

- Is there a better way to import public keys into enigmail ?

- where is the public key ring stored by enigmail ?

- - -
If this isn't the right place please suggest the right place to ask
questions above



p.s. - Forgive my intrustion into your inbox. I've tried asking this
question to the list - but guess my membership still awaits moderator
approval and so I'm sending this to all of you..

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