which plugin for Outlook express

Angelo Zanetti angelo at zlogic.co.za
Fri May 13 11:56:53 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I have installed GPG and generate the public and private keys. Have
encrypted a message and now need to get a plugin for outlook express. So
on the gnupg.org site they list two for outlook express
GPGOE and the G Data plugin.

Well teh GPGOE plugin's site doesnt have the page of the latest download
and G Data is in german. I believe they are actually the same product.
My question is are these (this) products (s) the correct ones for
decrypting messages in the mail client? Or am I on the wrong track? How
well are these plugins supported? They dont seem to be that well

Please give me advice.
thanks in advance


Angelo Zanetti
Z Logic
[c] +27 72 441 3355
[t] +27 21 469 1052

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