Newbie question : GPgee and GPGshell etc..

gpg.20.subu at gpg.20.subu at
Fri May 13 10:45:32 CEST 2005


I visited the Win PT link from site. This link has the following 

1.  - Windows

2. - graphicall installer which
seems to have additional stuff + WinPt, but an older version of WinPT

3. and other links ...

Now my question 

- which is the most stable release of WinPT (pl. note I am a newbie) ?

- Is it preferable I have the latest release (i.e.) with all loophole
plugged or
have the latest stable version which might be something else


Kurt Fitzner - kfitzner at wrote:

>gpg.20.subu at wrote:
>>which one of these
>>- GPGshell
>>- WinPT
>>- GPGee
>>is better for a starter with GPG
>First of all, let's get some definitions down because it can become
>confusing.  WinPT is both an application and a group of tools.  The
>application, Windows Privacy Tray, sits in the Windows task tray and
>gives you a GnuPG interface from there.  The group of tools is the tray
>application bundled along with GnuPG itself.  This distinction will
>become important later... for now, though, when I say "WinPT" I mean the
>tray application, not the group of tools.

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