Alexander Hoffmann alex_box at web.de
Thu May 26 14:12:06 CEST 2005

Hi Johan,

you may be right. I tried it with ./configure
--enable-ciphers="aes,...,rfc2268" und after that found in Makefile
rfc2268 among the algorithms to be compiled, but after installation
rfc2268 is still missed in output "libgcrypt-config --algorithms"

Johan Wevers wrote:

>> Alexander Hoffmann wrote:
>>>>purpose. As i know the RC2 algorithm is implemented in libgcrypt
>>>>(rfc2268.c), but it will not be compiled (i concluded it from
>>>>"libgcrypt-config --algorithms" output). What should i do to get the RC2
>>>>algorithm compiled?
>>>>I use libgcrypt-1.2.1
>> I don't know libgcrypt, but it is probably a compile option. Check the
>> configure scripts and/or the Makefile. This is sometimes done because
>> RC2 is patented in some countries. I had to change the Slackware
>> configure scripts for OpenSSL and recompile for the same reason.

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