Minnesota court takes dim view of encryption

Henry Hertz Hobbit hhhobbit at securemecca.net
Thu May 26 09:08:00 CEST 2005

--- Shatadal <shatadal at vfemail.net> wrote:
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> "A Minnesota appeals court has ruled that the
> presence of encryption software on a computer may be
> viewed as evidence of criminal intent."

Then I must be one terrible criminal! I do LOTS of research into
Porn sites (to block them).  But then again, they are some of the
worst offenders at implanting spies (it is good I do most of my
research from 'nix) which I also work at ferreting out and containing
in one way or another.  The only files that are encrypted on my machine
are the ones I don't want some hacker to get because the AV vendors
failed to discover the Trojan Horse I had for 1-3 months (the one month
before discovery was guaranteed).  Yes, it really happened to me!
Believe it or not, the Trojan was implanted in some Security tools
for Windows - thank goodness I have a waiting period for software I
download from questionable sources before I put them into use.  If
I had ran the programs, there is no telling how much information the
Trojan would have siphoned off.  Given the fact that it was encrypted,
it wouldn't have been very useful to them...

All I use encryption for is to protect my personal data (financial and
other stuff), and signing messages.  The latter is EXTREMELY important.
I have had too many wormers pretending to be somebody else that have
sent me messages that ostensibly came from somebody else.  The FBI
must have sent them.  There is more truth in that phrase than most
people would ever realize.

Anybody know of a good country I can move to?  The Fascist States of
America is getting pretty bad...

For heaven's sake, NO I am not in favor of the activity the person
was engaged in!  But since PGP was not used to hide the evidence and
the idiot didn't even clean out his browser history - what can you
say?  Wouldn't it be interesting to discover that the version of PGP
he was using was over seven years old and had never been used?

Henry Hertz Hobbit
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