Feature request: Add date and time to filename of encrypted file

Per Tunedal Casual pt at radvis.nu
Sat May 28 00:10:19 CEST 2005

At 08:12 2005-05-26, you wrote:
 >important, I think Werner, Atom Smasher, and others may want to
 >reconsider this.  Without input from Windows people (I work on
 >Linux, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, MS Windows, Sun Solaris, and IBM AIX
 >in that order in terms of frequency) that work ONLY on Windows,
 >we are in the dark.  I suspect Werner is right.  It is a non issue
 >with Windows users since they probably use GnuPG just for signing
 >and encrypting email.  Now you know why I didn't send it to the
 >list. This note is NOT of general interest, and the added
 >functionality requested may not be important.  Then again, maybe
 >it is.
 >Henry Hertz Hobbit
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Thank you for your very thorough answer! I am a windows user and do a lot 
of backups etc with gnupg. I have so far only managed to make some batch 
files that simplify my daily work - scripting has been unsuccessful.

I have interpreted Werners answer this way:

1) Use an archiver as a temporary solution. (I can always store the 
encrypted file, that is without compression, and add the date and time to 
the output file.)

2) This important feature is not for GnuPG, but it can be implemented in 
frontends for Windows. I have so far suggested it to GPGee (the Explorer 
extensions). It could just as well be implemented in other frontends, like 

My recent hope is that the very nice GPGee will make some of my batch files 

Per Tunedal

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