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Fri Nov 4 15:53:03 CET 2005

* Christoph Anton Mitterer <cam at> wrote:

> >* Christoph Anton Mitterer <cam at> wrote:   
> >>>do you know of an application that uses this lib?
> >>>     
> >>No I don't but that shouldn't be a reason to forget about it,...
> >>   
> >Now why is that? I didn't imply anything to such extent.
> > 
> Of course,... (and I didn't want to be rude,.. if you think I was
> :-) )

Nah, totally beyond me...

> >I was merely curious about applications, that's all. Why do you
> >think one should (not) forget about libecc?
> > 
> Yes,.. but as I've written I don't know any applications that
> utilitises libecc. And I wrote "that this should NOT be a reason to
> "ignore" it" because one might think,.. "oh nobody uses it,.. let's
> not use it, too" ;-)


Well, to clarify things: From an end user's point of view, it would
have been nice to have an app to play with. I'd like to switch to ECC
too. Mainly, because I think that the guys with the small ... glasses
;-) at NSA can break public key crypto quite easily, and secondly I
like to play with new apps. So, if there is not an app which uses the
ECC lib, that's too bad; I won't bother any further with that lib,
just a matter of lack of time. We really need to change the social
system to a more star trek like system....

left blank, right bald
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